The Board of Regents governs the Nevada System of Higher Education.  This includes UNLV, UNR, Nevada State College, the College of Southern Nevada, and other community colleges across Nevada. 

Nevada’s higher education system impacts Nevadans from all walks of life.  The future of our state’s economy is measured by Nevada’s ability to fill the jobs of tomorrow.  A high-quality university and community college system will work to ensure that future generations of Nevadans will be able to keep up with the ever-changing and adapting demands of tomorrow’s economy. 

If you’re already in the workforce, training programs that take place on campuses help people acquire additional skills to hold a competitive edge in the job market.  Furthermore, many businesses look to a state’s education system in deciding whether or not to relocate to the state.  A high-quality university and community college system will put Nevada’s best face forward to prospective employers!

Of course, the Nevada System of Higher Education also employs many people in academic and non-academic capacities, and we need a top-tier, service-minded Regent to look out for them as well.